Barbershop Meditations

Calm Cuts for Equanimity, Clarity, and Freedom of Mind

Hairdressing armchair. a modern hair salon for men. Workshop of hairdressers. Beauty salon with chairs, hair dryers, combs and mirrors. Barbershop armchair.

About Barbershop Meditations

Find peace and presence in an unexpected place - the barbershop chair.

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the stresses of daily life. But what if you could access a sense of calm and clarity during a routine you're already familiar with? Barbershop Meditations offers a unique approach to meditation, inviting you to transform the time you spend in the barber's chair into a sacred practice of mindfulness.

Through eight different meditation techniques tailored to the barbershop experience, this book guides you in weaving moments of stillness and self-reflection into your grooming ritual. Whether you're a seasoned meditator or simply curious about the practice, these approachable exercises will help you cultivate a deeper sense of equanimity, clarity, and freedom of mind.

As you settle into the barber's chair, let the gentle sounds of scissors snipping and the familiar ritual of self-care become your gateway to presence. With each snip, you'll learn to shed distractions, ground yourself in the moment, and open your awareness to the profound grace that surrounds you and the inner strength within.

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Order Hardcover -Available June 3rd 2024

Learn Meditation through a familiar self-care routine

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